Friday, May 11, 2018

Moving to the Medium

I am a very fortunate person. I have a great wife, great family, great friends and a job doing things that I love. Unfortunately I have a very small window of free time so blogging about the stuff I get to work on has taken a backseat. I feel that because I am so fortunate to do such cool work that I have an obligation to share the problems I am solving to the world. So much of the problems that I solve come from reading others work. I would like to do a better job contributing back to the community that makes it possible to solve many of the problems that I get to work on. I have decided to move my work from Blogger to the Medium since I am finding so much of my time being spent there anyways and the built-in features allow me to write much faster with the small amount of time I have. I would also like to spend some time writing about things other than tech and The Medium seems like a better place for a diverse blogging. 

You can catch my Medium stories here:

I plan to keep this domain as well as my older posts on Blogger but anything new going to The Medium. 

I hope that I am able to better keep up and share with the community the problems that I get to solve. Hopefully I will be able to help someone out as I have been helped out by so many others. We are better together.