Friday, June 27, 2014

Welcome Intro - The Awesome World of Technology

Technology. Where would we be in this day and age without it? Let's take a minute and think about some of the awesome technologies that we use on a daily basis and how they affect our lives...

Skype allows a soldier on the other side of the world have a video chat with his wife and new born child. Facebook allows a person to reconnect with a high school friend that they have lost contact with for 30 years. A smartphone is a telephone that not only makes phone calls but is used as a camera, video camera, personal computer and a GPS. Streaming services such as Netflix change the way we watch TV by allowing us to select from a huge library of TV Series and Movies that can be watched anywhere there is Internet connectivity on virtually any device. Robotic Telepresence from Verizon allows a child the same educational opportunities that might impact their lives due to illness or geography. Apple and Withings allows an elderly person track and monitor their health from the comfort of their homes with their line of Smart Accessories. Google is currently working on cars that drive themselves?!?! The list goes on and on.

These are just a few examples of awesome technologies that some of us may use on a daily basis that have created in just the past decade or less. Technology has changed the way that we live whether some people like to admit or not. Technology provides us with so many awesome advantages.

What the majority of people do not see is how the technologies are created on the back end and what makes all of this technology possible. What makes this possible are things such as computer programming, operating systems, infrastructure, databases, communications, etc. The Wicked Awesome Tech Blog will not only provide discussion and insight on Wicked Awesome technologies but also show the underlying pieces that make all the technology possible.

We hope that you enjoy!

Justin Miller 
Weston Bassler

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